Enrollments & Costs

Enrolling and booking your child into our before and after school care program is quick, easy and stress-free

 Enrollments and costs

Once your child is enrolled in primary school, they are eligible to book into our After School Care program.

Enrolment forms can be collected from the Horsham Aquatic Centre or downloaded from here. The enrolment form will take 10 minutes to complete and once it is completed you will need to bring it into the Horsham Aquatic Centre where the bookings are made for the program. You will require to bring supporting documentation about your child. This includes their immunisation records, medical management plans, and (if applicable) parenting orders

We recommend you enrol your child with us as soon as possible, regardless of how often you think you’ll use the service. Early enrolment means that if you need last-minute care, we are already familiar with your child’s needs, interests and health information. 


Costs differ slightly for each individual depending on if they need transport are a member of the Horsham Aquatic Centre, so please speak to the coordinator for a rundown of the fees and charges.