48 Week Program

  • Date: 21 January 2019
  • Category: General
WEB HorshamPool

Horsham Aquatic Centre Swimming Lessons Program is pleased to announce that as of 21st January 2019 Swimming Lessons will be provided 48 weeks of the year!

In the past, swimming lessons have been held during the school term with a break in the second week of the school holidays. The impact of these periods without lessons can often result in students losing skills that have been learnt over the term. It can then take several weeks for these skills and techniques to be re-acquired at the start of the next term.

With Swimming Lessons operating fully between school terms (extra four classes per year) your child will be provided with better continuity in their learning, which will improve their rate of skill acquisition and development. We will be working hard to create and provide diversity and variety within our lessons here at the Horsham Aquatic Centre Swimming Program. Industry research has found that children who swim year round are able to more quickly develop and maintain self-discipline, motivation and self-confidence.

We are also excited to inform you that you still have the option of up to 4 make up classes per year. We understand that families are busy and taking holidays mean you may miss the odd lesson. As long as you let us know prior to the normal lesson time you will be unable to make it, we will be happy to organize for your child to complete another class that has a vacancy at the same level.